Event Classing

4x4 Vehicles will be classified as follows:

  • Stock
  • Modified
  • Experimental Classes
  1. A-Block-small block engines only.
  2. B-Block-big block engines, small block can bump up to this class.

Classes will be split at any time per rules committee.

Definitions of Stock 4x4 Vehicles

  1. Vehicles must have original size engine.
  2. No carburetor or intake changes are allowed.
  3. Dual exhaust may be used providing the exhaust manifolds are cast iron. No headers.
  4. Any distributor changes are allowed.
  5. Internal engine parts must be stock from the vehicle manufacturer for that vehicle.
  6. Only stock type bodies are allowed. No excessive lightening. Unbolt-able parts only, excluding major body parts.
  7. Wheel size is limited to nothing over-sized for the vehicle. Subject to rule-sman discretion
  8. Power steering is allowed.
  9. Must retain stock wheel base.
  10. Suspension changes are permitted as long as mount locations are not moved. Reversing of shackles, after market springs and or shocks are allowed. No double shocks unless factory option.
  11. Wide axles are not permitted.

Modified  4x4 (changes allowed from stock):

  1. Any changes to the original engine will be allowed as long as the original size block is used.
  2. Only stock type fiberglass noses.
  3. Double shocks are allowed, front and rear.
  4. Wide axles are allowed. Must use original length springs. Spring perch may be moved outside of frame rail as long as stock wheel base is retained.
  5. Transmission changes are allowed.
  6. Any tire allowed, excluding paddle tires.

Experimental 4x4:

  1. Any engine
  2. Any body or excessive lighting to a body
  3. Any frame
  4. Any wheelbase
  5. Includes a body or frame that didn’t originally have four wheel drive.
  6. Any springs or location

Buggies 2wd :

  1. Must comply with all rules, unless exception noted.
  2. Must be rear engine (engine behind rear wheels)
  3. Air cooled may be 4 or 6 cylinder.
  4. Water cooled must be 4 cylinder only.
  5. Stock Class – 1600cc, single port heads,stock solex 30 pic carb, stock length control arms (may be reinforced)
  6. Super Buggy – Anything other then stock, and fits our general rules

UTV's & Side by Sides

  1. Raced in wheel to wheel and eliminator classes.
  2. Vehicle classing determined by engine size. Under 800cc & over 800cc
  3. Class grouping & race size determined by vehicle turnout.


  1. Only Bro-Lite vehicles allowed to run Bro-Lite class
  2. Bro-Lite class for 2wd Ford Ranger trucks-build vehicles following the rules http://www.broliteracing.com/rules/

Kids Power Wheels


  • Kids Power Wheel drag racing
  • Children must be 8 and under.